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Cafeteria food has never been better!  

Peterson's cafeteria food is delicious and many students and staff say!

The outside of the kitchen features four (4) LCD screens that post daily menu items for breakfast and lunch, as well as pictures of students and staff around campus.  

The food is fresh, tasty and inexpensive.  Menu items vary daily; see the monthly breakfast and lunch menus.  

Welcome to Child Nutrition!

We highly encourage you to pre-pay for your student's meals online.  Go to and follow the simple prompts.  Just make sure that you have your student's six-digit permanent I.D. number.

SCUSD Child Nutrition Website:


Child Nutrition Services


Apply for Free meals on SchoolCafe website

2018 - 2019 Meal Prices

  • Students:
    • Breakfast - $2.50
    • Lunch - $3.75
  • Adults:
    • Breakfast - $2.75
    • Lunch - $4.25

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