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Mrs. Fries Team Lead
6th Grade Team Lead

Mary Fries

6th Grade Team
Contact Danielle Ash  Danielle Ash (408) 423-2871 6th Grade, Yearbook Teacher
Contact Rachel Clark  Rachel Clark (408) 423-2952 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Caitlin Dinneen  Caitlin Dinneen (408) 423-2921 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Mary Fries  Mary Fries (408) 423-2954 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Tom Funcheon  Tom Funcheon (408) 423-2922 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Jennifer Germann  Jennifer Germann (408) 423-2856 ex: 2856 Resource Teacher
Contact Davide Ghilarducci  Davide Ghilarducci (408) 423-2871 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Rachel Hilario Pigg  Rachel Hilario Pigg (408) 423-2948 ex: 2948 6th Grade Science Teacher
Contact Margaret Jackson  Margaret Jackson (408) 423-2966 Read 180 / EL Teacher
Contact Sheila Martin  Sheila Martin (408) 423-2925 History Teacher
Contact Katie Tito  Katie Tito 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Ashley McCole  Ashley McCole (408) 423-2959 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Antony Pickard  Antony Pickard (408) 423-2853 Music Teacher
Contact John Sugrue  John Sugrue (408) 423-2930 ex: 2930 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Phanom Wacht  Phanom Wacht (408) 423-2957 ex: 2975 6th Grade Teacher

6th Grade

Welcome to 6th Grade and Welcome to Peterson!

We're so excited to welcome our 6th grade students.  The middle school experience is transforming.


6th Grade Field Trips

6th Grade takes several curriculum-related field trips through the year.

  • San Francisco California Academy of Science
  • San Francisco China Town
  • San Jose Rosicrucian Museum

A small army of volunteers is needed to chaperone these 6th grade field trips.  Please complete your Volunteer Application early in the school year.  See the Volunteer page of the school website to download the application or apply online.  Thank you for volunteering!

What is Peterson +?

The Peterson + Program is an alternative 6th grade program that offers a unique opportunity for 6th grade students.  Currently, four teachers lead this program and provide a different approach to 6th grade curriculum.  The program is designed for the STUDENT who wants extra challenge and rigor.  

Please consider middle school choices carefully.  Characteristics of such a student includes someone who is self-driven, being an avid learner, wanting to rise to challenges and able to think critically.

The "+" aspect is in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies

  • Science is taught to all sixth grade students by teachers who hold Single Subject teaching credentials in Science.
  • Math classes for all sixth grade students will be determined by a "multiple measures matrix" placement

Students in the Peterson + Program may have extra homework.

Enrollment for the Peterson + program occurs during Open Enrollment.  See the Open Enrollment and Peterson + page or the slides from the Peterson + Orientation Meeting held April 9, 2019 for more information. 

Sixth Grade
6th Grade Theme: Transition & Resilience
Helpful 6th Grade Resources