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Bell Schedule

Distance Learning during school closure

Beginning Wednesday, March 25th, the A/B block schedule below will begin. The block schedule will run Monday-Thursday each week. Students will be expected to log in at the start of the designated time for each class period. Students may or may not be in Google Meet the entire 50 minutes for each period based on the teacher's instructional plan for each day. Teachers may also be sharing opportunities for your child to join in small group video chats, online discussions, and/or office hours throughout the afternoon. Thank you for your ongoing support of our new distance learning plan. This is new for all of us and we will continue to learn, grow, and refine over the coming days and weeks. 

Student Work: The total time spent on each class will be limited to approximately 120 minutes per class per week, including Google Meet and outside work time. This would not include office hours or small group/1:1 additional support.

Learning Posted: Learning is posted by 8:30 a.m. by classroom teachers.

"A" Day (MON/WED)

  • Period 1   8:30-9:20
  • Period 3   9:30-10:20
  • Period 5  10:30-11:20

Student Support - small group/1:1 office hours

  • Period 1   12:00-12:25
  • Period 3   12:30-12:55 
  • Period 5   1:00-1:25    


  • Period 2    8:30-9:20
  • Period 4    9:30-10:20
  • Period 6    10:30-11:20

Student Support - small group/1:1 office hours 

  • Period 2   12:00-12:25
  • Period 4   12:30-12:55
  • Period 6   1:00-1:25

See Peterson's calendar for the daily schedule or the SCUSD Website for more information.

Need to check your student out during the day?

If you need to check your student out during the school day, stop in the main office to sign your student out.  

  • If you call in advance, we will try to have your student in the office when you plan to arrive.  
  • Please check your student's schedule when scheduling appointments.  It's very difficult to find students during lunch, and when they are in their PE class.
  • Questions?  Call the attendance clerk at 408-423-2811.
2019 - 2020 Daily Bell Schedules
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays:

Wednesdays and Early Out Thursdays:

Sept 5, Oct 3, Nov 7, Dec 5, Jan 9, Feb 6, Mar 5, Apr 2

1st Period 8:00-8:50    

2nd Period 8:55-9:45

Brunch 9:45-10:00

SSR 10:00-10:20

3rd Period 10:20-11:15

6th Grade Lunch 11:15-11:50

6th Grade 4th Period 11:55-12:45

7th/8th Grade 4th Period 11:20-12:10

7th/8th Grade Lunch 12:10-12:45

5th Period   12:50-1:40

6th Period 1:45-2:35

1st Period 8:00-8:45

2nd Period 8:50-9:35

Brunch 9:35-9:50

3rd Period 9:50-10:35

4th Period 10:40-11:25

6th Grade Lunch 11:25-12:00

6th Grade 5th Period 12:05-12:50

7th/8th Grade 5th Period 11:30-12:15

7th/8th Grade Lunch 12:15-12:50

6th Period 12:55-1:40