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Ms. Hull Department Chair
English Department Chair
Contact Danielle Ash  Danielle Ash (408) 423-2871 6th Grade, Yearbook Teacher
Contact Amy Armenta  Amy Armenta (408) 423-2924 English Teacher
Contact Danielle Ash  Danielle Ash (408) 423-2871 6th Grade, Yearbook Teacher
Contact Rachel Clark  Rachel Clark (408) 423-2952 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Caitlin Dinneen  Caitlin Dinneen (408) 423-2921 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Mary Fries  Mary Fries (408) 423-2954 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Tom Funcheon  Tom Funcheon (408) 423-2922 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Jennifer Germann  Jennifer Germann (408) 423-2856 ex: 2856 Resource Teacher
Contact Davide Ghilarducci  Davide Ghilarducci (408) 423-2871 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Leslie P Heidig  Leslie P Heidig (408) 423-2928 English Teacher
Contact Stefanie Hull  Stefanie Hull (408) 423-2916 ex: 2916 8th Grade English Teacher
Contact Robin Hulsey  Robin Hulsey (408) 423-2843 ResourceTeacher
Contact Margaret Jackson  Margaret Jackson (408) 423-2966 Read 180 / EL Teacher
Contact Lisa Johnson  Lisa Johnson (408) 423-2927 English Teacher
Contact Ivy Lazaro  Ivy Lazaro (408) 423-2929 Resource Teacher
Contact Ashley McCole  Ashley McCole (408) 423-2959 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Devon Morgan  Devon Morgan (408) 423-2929 Resource Teacher
Contact John Sugrue  John Sugrue (408) 423-2930 ex: 2930 6th Grade Teacher
Contact ~inactive ~account  ~inactive ~account 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Monica Young  Monica Young (408) 423-2957 ex: 2957 6th Grade Teacher


District Writing PBA

PBA stands for Performance-Based Assessment. This is an on-demand writing assessment meant to test a student's writing skills in the genre of informational writing. 

The task is to write a structured paragraph following parallel structure and using evidence drawn from an article. 

Students will take the PBA between the testing window: February 24-March 11, 2020

SRI Proficiency Bands

Students take the SRI twice a year, fall and spring. The table below lists the SRI Proficiency Bands for Santa Clara Unified School District.  These bands represent the target Year-End Proficiency Lexile Ranges for SCUSD. 

Grade Below Basic Basic Proficient Advanced
6 BR 729 730-924 925-1070 1071-1700+
7 BR 769 770-969 970-1120 1121-1700+
8 BR 789 790-1009 1010-1185 1186-1700+
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