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English Department Chairperson

Kat Raffetto

Kat Raffeto

  Rachel Clark (408) 423-2952 6th Grade Teacher
  Mary Fries (408) 423-2954 6th Grade Teacher
  Jennifer Germann (408) 423-2856 ex: 2856 Resource Teacher
  Leslie P Heidig (408) 423-2928 English Teacher
  Stefanie Hull (408) 423-2916 ex: 2916 8th Grade English Teacher
  Robin Hulsey (408) 423-2843 ResourceTeacher
  Margaret Jackson (408) 423-2966 Read 180 / EL Teacher
  Lisa Johnson (408) 423-2927 English Teacher
  Ivy Lazaro (408) 423-2929 Resource Teacher
  Ashley McCole (408) 423-2959 6th Grade Teacher
  John Sugrue (408) 423-2930 ex: 2930 6th Grade Teacher


2022 - 2023 7th and 8th Grade English Honors / Accelerated English

Course Description: 

English Honors is an accelerated course designed for students who want to have a deeper understanding of English Language-Arts. This course teaches students to read closely, delve deeply, and analyze thoroughly both fiction and non-fiction works, and use strong rhetorical and composition skills. Students will be required to read higher-level texts independently.  Students are expected to write informative/explanatory, narrative, and argumentative pieces throughout the year. Oral presentations will be emphasized through whole class, small group, and formal presentations. Creative projects will also be offered throughout the year. All essays, discussions, and projects will emphasize critical thinking skills and literary analysis. The class works at a faster pace and will require more independent, self-driven work.

Please go to the Accelerated English Webpage for more details and the application process for the 2022-23 school year.

RI Proficiency Bands

Students take the RI twice a year, fall and spring. The table below lists the SRI Proficiency Bands for Santa Clara Unified School District.  These bands represent the target Year-End Proficiency Lexile Ranges for SCUSD. 

Grade Below Basic Basic Proficient Advanced
6 BR 729 730-924 925-1070 1071-1700+
7 BR 769 770-969 970-1120 1121-1700+
8 BR 789 790-1009 1010-1185 1186-1700+
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