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Math Department Chairperson

Shona Mukherji

Shona Mukherji

  Bindhu Amma (408) 423-2964 Math Teacher
  Rachel Clark (408) 423-2952 6th Grade Teacher
  Mary Fries (408) 423-2954 6th Grade Teacher
  Ramsey Habib (408) 423-2871 6th Grade Teacher
  Kelly Kosuga ex: 2455 Japanese 1 Teacher
  Anna Lawrence (408) 423-2962 Math Teacher
  Ivy Lazaro (408) 423-2929 Resource Teacher
  Shona Mukherji (408) 423-2961 Mathematics Teacher
  Sheldon Piumarta (408) 423-2971 Math Teacher


Mathematics Department Policies

2021 - 2022

Math Course Expectations:

The workload for a mathematics class requires organization and wise use of time.  If you fall behind, it will make success very difficult.  Because class discussions, participation and lectures cannot be duplicated, daily attendance is crucial to your success in mathematics.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and to make up the work.  You are expected to check SchoolLoop, complete assignments on time, and be prepared for class and participate in all discussions.  We have high expectations for each of you.

Life Long Learning Standards:

  • Students are expected to be self-directed learners of mathematics.
  • They should take all notes, read the textbook, complete all homework, track their grades and ask for help when needed.
  • Students are expected to be effective communicators of mathematics.  They will explain their reasoning, show all work leading to solutions, and work in cooperative groups.

Course Grading Guides:

  • 90% - 100% A
  • 80% - 89% B
  • 70% - 79% C
  • 60 - 69% D
  • Below 60% F
  • +/- grades and rounding at teacher discretion

Semester/Quarter grade weighting ranges:

  • Math 6/7/8- Tests/Quizzes 60-70%, Homework/Projects 20-30%, Classwork/Participation 5-10%
  • Algebra I/Geometry (High School Level Courses)- Test/Quizzes 70%, Homework 20%, group tests/participation/classwork 10%


Homework Expectations:

  • Showed work MUST be completed on a separate piece of paper, have each problem numbered, draw a box around the work for that problem, and circle the solution (6th grade students need to write the final answer on the textbook page)
    • For Distance Learning showed work may be completed on a digital platform or tools other than paper with teacher approval.
    • When submitting showed work, all images must be clear and easy to read.
  • Other expectations/requirements to be outlined below by Course and Teacher

Peterson Math Department Policy:  calculators may be used to check answers for accuracy, but it is up to teacher discretion for in class / homework use.

Thinking is Important
Thinking is Important