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Nature Area

Scheduling Field Trips

Please use the Inquiry Form to schedule field trips and tours of the Bryan Osborne Nature Area.

A Brief History and Introduction to the Osborne Nature Area at Peterson

Starting in 1969 when Peterson was a High School, Dan Baer and Bryan Osborne started construction on the Peterson Natural Area.  It was designed to model eight different biological communities.  Their mission was to provide corresponding lab or field experiences for every biological concept taught in the classroom.  In addition, they demonstrated that through hard work, we could make a difference with environmental issues.  Most importantly, they wanted students to have contact with nature realizing that our students were becoming more isolated from nature.  Our mission remains the same.  The Natural Area has served many functions over the last 50  years.  It has primarily served as a local field trip site that could be visited on a regular basis, for Peterson students, and students throughout the district.  It has been a place where students could make a positive change to their environment through restoration activities.  The natural area provides refuge for students and teachers looking to escape the hustle-bustle of a busy campus to relax and seek inspiration.  It also functions as an ecological island attracting and supporting a wide range of biodiversity.  Curator Kelly Overduijn and Environmental TOSA, Steven Sanders invite teachers from all curriculum areas to take advantage of this opportunity and schedule a visit today.  Guided tours are grade specific and aligned with FOSS and NGSS.  We can also customize tours to suit your needs.  Contact Steven Sanders ( for details.   Schedule your visit using the Inquiry Form.