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Mrs. Tito


Welcome to the new school year! I am very excited about the year ahead of us. I have some great units and activities planned! I can't wait to get to know you and create great memories together!

Just a few or our friends, enjoying a good book!

Math Homework Expectations for completing and showing work

Peterson Heading on textbook page (First & last name, Mrs. Tito, date, period)

Showed work on a separate piece of paper

Numbered problems on showed work page 

Each showed work problem is boxed (to show separation between problems)

Answers clearly written on answer line on textbook page (word problem answers have labels)

Showed work page stapled to the back of the textbook page



Math 6 Online Textbook

The online textbook offers: tutorials, videos, practice, and other great resources

If you access the math textbook you do not have to take your print version home with you, simply tear out the homework pages every day and take that home with your notebook.


To access the book:

1. Go to the page

2. Log in name: PetersonPirate

3. Password: PeterP18

4. You might need the redemption code N4V5-4QZD-Q66Q


Back to School Night

I look forward to seeing all parents/guardians on Thursday Aug.30th.

Personal Best Attributes

1.  Directions are followed.

2. Sentences meet Grammar, Spelling, and Convention standards.

3.  Sentences are complete and standalone without the question. The subject is identified.

4.  Attention is paid to detail- enough information is included to communicate clearly the idea it represents.

5.  Assignment is easy to read, has neat handwriting, and an eraser is used. (words are not crossed out)

6.  Formatting and the use of white space is appropriate to the assignment. (example: Do not draw a tiny little picture when a whole page is given.)

7.  Straight lines are done with a ruler. (Especially when writing on a blank paper)

8.  Coloring is done well.

Whatever is colored, the white space is filled completely.

Coloring is done neatly, such as coloring in one direction, coloring within the lines, and being able to read text through coloring.

9.  Any graphics are done to the best of your ability and labeled when needed.

10. Final drafts on larger assignments, and all projects, must be typed or done in ink.

* Don’t forget to consider how to go above and beyond on large assignments, projects, and assessments.

**Comments in School Loop will often be associated with the PBA#


Ever wonder, "What will my grade be if I can an A on the next assignment/test/project?"

Well, you don't need to wonder anymore! There is now a free Google extension that can answer that exact question!


Simply get the, "In The Loop for School Loop™" extension and you are able to do just that. 


Check out the available features: 

An extension that improves the School Loop interface by letting 
users calculate what their grades would be after the teacher 
updates grades, allowing users to change the appearance of 
their School Loop page, and notifying users when 
their grades change.

 - Add, delete, and edit grades
 - Chrome desktop notifications when grades change
 - Functions with both weight-based and points-based 
 - Add and edit categories
 - Calculate grade after the final exam
 - View total number of points per category 
 - Change the appearance of your School Loop page 
using pre-loaded or custom themes

Online Math Tools

Khan Academy: This can be accessed through any Google account.  This tool has videos on how to do all different types of math, and has a personal element where you can track your understanding and growth.

Illuminations: This website has games, lessons, and activities that are standard and concept based.

*Both of these sites are great for: 1- doing additional practice/games on the topic we did today after you have completed your homework 2- do practice/games on topics that you need review on 3- explore different aspects of math and enjoy all that it has to offer

Virtual Nerds: This website was recommended by a student for having helpful video tutorials.


End of the year survey

Iditarod- My favorite unit!
Iditarod- My favorite unit!

Math work: Getting full points

For all of your math homework assignments, you must show you work in the following way:

  • Peterson Heading
  • Showed work on a separate piece of paper for each problem, with:
    • Each problem labeled with problem #
    • Each answered circled
    • Each problem has a box around all the work & answer
    • Each step you used is clear
  • Correction marks on the actual assignment for each problem (*,/,dot…)
  • Error analysis for all problems you got incorrect on your showed work 

*Weekly Word Problems will sometimes have space provided on the front or back of the page, and will not require a separate paper.

*Some assignments will have room on the paper for showed work, but this will specifically be communicated in class, the default is to do work on a separate paper. 

Online Math Text book

  • Online Math Text book
  • User Name: stupeterson
  •  Password: 6Math6
  • This online tool will show you the following:
    • Actual problems from Math book that can be used as extra practice
    • Video Tutorials on each lesson (step by step how to do homework)
    • Much more!

Online LIterature Textbook

To get to the online Literature Text book, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to sign in (top right of page)
  3. User name: Terrifictito Password: pirate
  4. Click Go next to the picture of our textbook