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How to Submit on SchoolLoop

Go to your PORTAL on SchoolLoop:

1. Go to Current Assignments,

    and Click on assignment

2. Click on Locker

3. Click on Add

4. Click on New Document

5. Type assignment title

6. Type your assignment

7. Click on Save

8. Click on Exit

9. Go back to your PORTAL

10. Go to Current Assignments,

     and Click on assignment

11. Click on Locker

12. Check box next to the assignment

13. Click on Submit

Leslie Heidig

Course Outline/FAQ's

Class Syllabus


Welcome to 7th Grade English with Mrs. Heidig 

Google Classroom.     

     All work will be done and turned in in the Google Classroom. Under "classwork", each Week has a folder with an agenda, most of the required texts, all of the mini-lessons, and any other information we use.

Classwork/Homework Policies.

      ALL work in this class is set up to be done in class so that I can help anyone who needs it, which means we have Classwork each week, not Homework. If students need more time, they’re welcome to finish later, but unless class time isn’t used wisely, most of the assignments in this class can and should be completed during school hours. LATE WORK: try to turn all work in by the due date (each Friday!). If you can't, e-mail me or tell me in class when you do turn it in, so I can grade it. All work must be in by Week 8 of each quarter.

       IN CLASS we do Reading and Writing Workshops, which means each week we read one text together to practice that week’s skills, and then students have a choice of texts to read when they work independently. Each week something will be turned in online!

Information About Grades & Assignments. 

     Go to SchoolLoop for assignment grades, due dates. All work is graded online on SchoolLoop weekly, though some longer writing assignments may take me more than a week to grade. If the grade is “0”, it is because I have not yet received that assignment.  If work is late, students must tell me when it’s turned in so I can grade it!           Go to Google Classroom to do and turn in all assignments, as well as to find materials, the week's agenda, and any notes or slideshow from the week

Question About a Grade?

      Student: Ask me about it!   If it’s a written assignment that you submitted online in Google Classroom, look at the comments on the assignment in Google Classroom. If you receive below an 80% on most assignments, you can fix it and resubmit it, just let me know that you've done this so I can regrade it.  If you still have questions, come talk to me in class!  All BrainPOP Quizzes should be retaken until the score is 9-10 out of 10, and only then the score e-mailed to me from the BrainPOP site.

Leslie Heidig
Leslie Heidig
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