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ASB Treasurer - Keith Maben
ASB Treasurer - Tomo Furuta
ASB Secretary - Pranav Subbarayan
ASB Secretary - Adil Iftikhar
ASB/Leadership Advisor
Contact Emily Branch  Emily Branch (408) 423-2974 Art / Leadership Teacher

ASB / Leadership

The ASB officers and Leadership committees are working hard to support the students.  We hope to build a stronger, safer community within our school and make a true difference.


Leadership is a 7th and 8th grade elective class.  This full year elective is during 3rd period daily.

Associated Student Body (ASB) officers are elected annually by the student body in May for the following year.  Each third period class elects a class representative.  ASB meetings happen monthly.  The classroom rep represents the views of his/her classroom and brings their opinions to the ASB meetings, and reports back to the class on ASB activities.

Some of the Leadership / ASB activities include:

  • A magazine/cookie dough fund raiser at the beginning of the year to earn money for the ASB to fund student activities.  
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • Dances & Social Events for all grade levels
  • Spirit Weeks (fall and spring)
  • Red Ribbon Week activities & Career Day
  • Two donation drives for non-profit organizations (i.e. food banks, Pennies for Patients, etc.)
  • Staff appreciation luncheons

Earth Day

Earth Day this year is on Monday, April 22. To celebrate this special day, there will be a lunchtime activity the Monday after break. The game will be a small recycle race, so make sure to come and enjoy a friendly competition with your friends. Along with the lunchtime activity, there will be an ongoing raffle throughout the week. Sign ups will take place in A-1 on Monday, April 22nd. Finally, tune in to the announcements to answer Earth Day Trivia questions to receive a small prize. Go green, Pirates!


Valentine Grams

There are still two Valentine grams (With unclear Names) that have not been picked up yet.  If you have not received your Valentines Gram/ Your recipient has not received their gram yet, please swing by E-2 during SSR to claim your gram.

ASB Reps of 2019!

Please fill out the form below if you are an ASB rep for your third period class!

ASB President - Adil Iftikhar
ASB President - Nora Burkhardt
ASB Vice President - Aubri Lee
ASB Vice President - Jane Jones
ASB Member at Large - Sezen Musa
Member at Large - Rishith Gopisetti