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Wildmind Program

What's the WildMIND Program?

Wildlife Associates - Institute of Nature Awareness (a non-profit educational organization)

For 30 years, Wildlife Associates has been filling an essential and ever-increasing need for school-based life science education that is aligned with the California state science standards.  They bring living wildlife into schools and capture children's interest in a way that is unmatched by other educational modalities.  Wildlife Associates also operates an animal sanctuary in Half Moon Bay, which is home to 52 injured and non-releasable wild animals.  Many of these animals serve as "Wild Teachers" in the educational programs.

Annually, a group of 7th and 8th grade students forms to participate in a life changing monthly field trip program.  Students are chosen by teacher referral.  

Students form close friendships with others that normally would not cross their path.  They learn and demonstrate trust, respect, leadership, ownership and an ability to open up to others.  While at Wildlife, students work "hands on" with animals, reptiles, habitats, dens, and each other to take care of the community.  It is a wonderful experience for all students, staff and adults involved.

  • "You get closer to your friends and find out what they're capable of and their potential.
  • "Wildlife is not only a program that teaches you about animals, but it helps kids reveal a side of them that they were never able to show."
  • "The Wildlife program fills children and adults with happy memories.  It helps us conquer our fears and solves many problems.  This is why I encourage those who work at the Wildlife program to keep it alive."

Peterson Counselors will address questions about the Wildmind Program.