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Husband and I celebrate year 20 in Cabo San  Lucas

Ildiko Stennis

Welcome to Quarter 3

Quarter 3 is a fresh start.  You all are staring out with an A+.


Students, be on top of things by...

1. Bringing your agenda each day and writing down the homework from the board.

2.  Have your bell work out the minute you sit down and get right to work!

3.  See Mrs. Stennis during office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch if you have any questions about your grade.  I will give you my full attention and we can enter any late or make up work into the grade book on the spot! If your question only applies to YOU and not the whole class (like your grade), then please use office hours, not the class period, to address it.


Meet Mrs. Stennis
7th Grade Science Teacher at Peterson Middle School