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Ohlone People Experience

 In the outdoor setting of the Bryan Osborne Nature Area, students learn not only about the history of the Ohlone people, but also about human evolution and migrations out of Africa. They are presented with alternative views as to how and when the continents, now known as the Americas, were populated with humans. They are told story of Ishi "The Last Savage" and what we learned from him. Students experience activities in the daily life of the Ohlone people, especially those of children. Hands-on activities include flint knapping, collecting and processing of acorns, using plant fibers to make baskets, rope and snares, identifying additional sources of foods, care for infants, plant identification, and fire making. This tour is designed to help students engage with nature and at the same time appreciate the role children play in society. We also offer grade specific ecology tours. Sign up for tours today. The schedule fills up quickly.