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Help Project Cornerstone!

Hello Peterson  Parents! 

Are you available at lunchtime once a week to help facilitate a table/room to offer students a place to gather to play games or other fun activities at lunch?   If you work close to school or from home and have  the ability to spend 35 minutes at school during lunch, we can use your help! 

Volunteers can come for either 6th grade lunch (11:15-11:50) or 7th/8th grade lunch (12:10-12:45) Monday - Thursday, whichever day works best with your schedule.

Here is a description of the program: 

Pre-Screened Parent volunteers will be stationed at either a designated lunch table or room (based on availability) to offer students a friendly place to spend their lunchtime. These volunteers are trained through Project Cornerstone and are there as caring adults available to help model positive relationships and help students enjoy their lunchtime. No outside preparation is needed, just come and be a friendly face to welcome the students and help facilitate the activities.  

What is Project Cornerstone?

Project Cornerstone was founded in 1999 as an initiative of the YMCA of Silicon Valley after a survey showed that large numbers of youth in Santa Clara County are missing the positive relationships, opportunities, values, and skills — known collectively as “developmental assets”—that provide the foundation for a healthy, successful future. In general, the more developmental assets that young people possess, the more likely they are to avoid risky behaviors and engage in positive, healthy activities. Volunteers serve as caring adults who help create a positive school climate and contribute to building these developmental assets. For more information on the program, here is their website:

Project Cornerstone website

or to review the most recent survey results

Project Cornerstone Middle School Survey Results 2017   

You/your student may have participated in their ABC reading program in elementary school, this is a continuation of that program. 

Please contact me directly if you would like to join in on this great opportunity to help students  connect in a caring, supportive environment or if you would like help encouraging your student(s) to join this drop-in program. 

Shannon Milne