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General Association Meeting 5/7/2020




Call to Order 

Welcome and introduction

Roll Call and Confirm Quorum by Mary Ciccotto- Secretary

Review and approval of January 23rd, 2020 General Association Minutes

Financial Reports:

  • Treasurer’s Report Lisa Schreiber

Treasurer’s Report since last General Association Meeting

Presents budgets to Actuals

Ratify Checks Written Since Last General Association Meeting

Release Funds since the last General Association Meeting  


  • Principal’s Report: Chandra Henry

  • Teacher’s Report: Sabrina Robbins

  • ASB Report: ASB Representative

  • President’s Report: Angela Quizon

  • 1st VP/ Volunteer: Uma Mathi

  • 2nd VP/ Ways & Means: Maya Meidan

  • 3rd VP/ Membership: Rachna Bhatt

  • Mini Grant Michelle: Nicholle Calareso

New Business:

  • Presenting the Mid-Year Audit (Beena Rani)

  • Voting for Peterson Executive Board of 2020-2021 (Angela Quizon/Mary Ciccotto)

President- Angela Quizon, Secretary- Mary Ciccotto, Treasurer- Anu Joshi, 

1st VP- Volunteer Coordinator- Rachna Bhatt, 2nd VP- Ways and Means- Mary Klenk, 

3rd VP- Membership- Uma Mathi, Historian- Ting Yu Huang, Auditor- Beena Rani

  • Presenting the Honorary Service Award Recipients (Julie LaFambroise)

Old Business:

  • None





5/7 PTSA Executive Board Meeting at 7:30pm- Zoom Video Conference

6/4 PTSA Executive Board Meeting at 6:30pm- Zoom Video Conference