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7th Grade Team Lead

Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown

7th Grade Team
  Michelle Brown Teacher
  Jarrell Fedalizo (408) 423-2944 Culinary Arts Teacher
  Katie Gilchrist (408) 423-2853 Music Teacher
  Drew Gillmore (408) 423-2838 PE, Leadership Teacher
  Leslie P Heidig (408) 423-2928 English Teacher
  Margaret Jackson (408) 423-2966 Read 180 / EL Teacher
  Anna Lawrence (408) 423-2962 Math Teacher
  Courtney Lucero (408) 423-2848 PE Teacher
  Sheila Martin (408) 423-2925 History Teacher
  Shona Mukherji (408) 423-2961 Mathematics Teacher
  Gregory Namba (408) 423-2941 ex: 2941 7th Grade Science Teacher
  Ildiko Stennis (408) 423-2942 ex: 2942 Science Teacher
  Chris Taheri (408) 423-2917 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

7th Grade

Welcome to 7th Grade!

7th Grade is an exciting year!

Students are curious, humorous, adventurous and communicative along the road of 7th grade learning.

In 7th grade, we focus on organizational skills, responsibility, perseverance, being active learners who are advocates in the educational experience and active listeners taking it all in. We teach the SLANT method in classes to help students stay on track -

S- Sit up in your seat

L- Lean forward and listen

A- Ask questions

N-Nod your head to show agreement/disagreement

T- Talk with your teacher


7th Grade Field Trip

Annually, the 7th grade goes on a field trip in the fall to the Tech Museum to explore and watch an IMAX movie.  This is related to grade level curriculum in Social Studies and Science.  Students actively are engaged in the different galleries that are on display throughout the museum. Guiding questions help to focus  students attention on the important aspects of their museum visit.

Many, many volunteers are needed to chaperone this annual field trip.  If you're able to help, please submit your volunteer application early in the school  year.   See the Volunteers page of our school website to download 

Seventh Grade
7th Grade Theme: Building Connections / Taking Safe Risks
Helpful Resources for 7th Grade