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8th Grade Team Lead

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Lisa Johnson

Contact Jeremy Advincula  Jeremy Advincula (408) 423-8237 PE Teacher/Athletic Director
Contact Bindhu Amma  Bindhu Amma (408) 423-2964 Math Teacher
Contact Jennifer Chapman  Jennifer Chapman (408) 423-2841 CS Discoveries & PE Teacher
Contact Jarrell Fedalizo  Jarrell Fedalizo (408) 423-2944 Culinary Arts Teacher
Contact Erin Fournier  Erin Fournier (408) 423-2974 ex: 2974 Art Teacher
Contact Robert Hanel  Robert Hanel (408) 423-2913 History Teacher
Contact Stefanie Hull  Stefanie Hull (408) 423-2916 ex: 2916 8th Grade English Teacher
Contact Kimberly Hunter  Kimberly Hunter (408) 423-2938 ex: 2938 Environmental Science
Contact Margaret Jackson  Margaret Jackson (408) 423-2966 Read 180 / EL Teacher
Contact Lisa Johnson  Lisa Johnson (408) 423-2927 English Teacher
Contact Karine Khurshudyan  Karine Khurshudyan (408) 423-2563 ex: 2563 Spanish Teacher
Contact Kelly Kosuga  Kelly Kosuga ex: 2455 Japanese 1 Teacher
Contact Amanda Mc Kenzie  Amanda Mc Kenzie (408) 423-2923 History Teacher
Contact Sheldon Piumarta  Sheldon Piumarta (408) 423-2971 Math Teacher
Contact Sabrina Robbins  Sabrina Robbins (408) 423-2940 Science Teacher
Contact Katie Starnes  Katie Starnes (408) 423-2853 Music Teacher
Contact Cris Syquia  Cris Syquia (408) 423-2858 SDI Teacher
Contact Brandon Wall  Brandon Wall (408) 423-2829 8th Grade Science Teacher

8th Grade

Welcome to 8th Grade!

8th grade is another exciting year.  The transition to high school is coming, kids are gaining responsibility and school is getting harder!  Our 8th grade students focus on doing the right thing, making good choices that affect their future, and get ready for high school and beyond.

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8th Grade Theme: Doing the Right thing, Making Good Choices that affect your future
8th grade theme