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Mr. Morgan department chair
Special Education Department Chair
Contact Devon Morgan  Devon Morgan (408) 423-2929 Resource Teacher
Special Education Staff
Contact Cody Boudreaux  Cody Boudreaux 1:1 Student Para
Contact Helen Garcia  Helen Garcia Paraeducator
Contact Jennifer Hecomovich  Jennifer Hecomovich Resource Para Educator
Contact Robin Hulsey  Robin Hulsey (408) 423-2843 ResourceTeacher
Contact Rosemary Jasper  Rosemary Jasper (408) 423-2929 Resource Para Educator
Contact Manjusha Karve  Manjusha Karve (408) 423-2844 Resource Teacher
Contact Kelly Keegan  Kelly Keegan (408) 423-2856 Teacher
Contact Melissa Miguel-Felipe  Melissa Miguel-Felipe (408) 423-2844 ex: 2844 Resource Teacher
Contact Devon Morgan  Devon Morgan (408) 423-2929 Resource Teacher
Contact Amelia Oseguera  Amelia Oseguera 1:1 Student Para
Contact Lalitha Sethuraman  Lalitha Sethuraman Resource Para Educator
Contact Cris Syquia  Cris Syquia (408) 423-2858 SDI Teacher
Contact Erica Toy  Erica Toy Paraeducator

Special Education

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a group of parents, educators, and community members interested in helping children who have special needs.    The CAC is coordinated by the Department of Special Education and Student Services in SCUSD.  For more information, see the brochures below or call 408-423-2000.