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Tinker Room

What is the Tinker Room? How do I join?

Do you like to take apart old toasters, electronics, etc.?  Then the Tinker Room is the right place for you!

You will get to explore the practical functioning of everyday objects like wall clocks, wires, keyboards, mice, computers, etc., in a fun, hands-on, sort of way.  

Your goal is to take apart the object at hand and then put it back together!  

The Tinker Room will be open every Wednesday in Room A-1 during 6th and 7/8th grade lunch.

To start "tinkering away", please have your parent fill out the Tinker Permission Form (at right) and give it to the Mrs. Bakker in the library.

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Tinker Room Parent Volunteer Coordinators

Rachna Bhatt

Lisa Schreiber

Tinker Room Permission Form