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Science Club

What is Science Club? How may I join?

The Science Club is an opportunity to explore science and engineering in a fun, hands-on, sort of way.  There are no right or wrong answers, just a chance to explore and compete against fellow students.  Your mission is to solve a problem better than any other team!  After an initial explanation of the project, your team is turned loose with the materials, to try different things.  A contest at the end of the project allows your team to show off its solution, and to see who did best.  Projects last a few weeks.  Past projects include a boat, bridge, catapult, electromagnet, telegraph, rockets, windmill, car, and more!  

Science Club meets on Mondays after school, 2:40pm - 3:30pm in Mrs. Hilario-Pigg's room E-6 on the following dates during the 2018 - 2019 school year:

  • October 8, 22
  • November 5, 19
  • December 3, 17
  • January 14, 28
  • February 11, 25
  • March 11, 25
  • April 8, 22
  • May 6, 20
  • June 3

The Science Club is hosted by volunteer Mr. Ross LaFetra.  Additional volunteers are always welcome; please complete the Volunteer Application and submit it to the school secretary in the main office.

Example of a Science Club Project:

Land Yacht competition.  Each team built a wind powered car, like a sail boat with wheels, or a yacht that travels on land.  We competed for three goals:  speed, distance and innovation.

  • Team 15 lauched into first place for speed with a speed of 1.4 meters per second.  Congratulations goes to Zander B., Ethan L., Aryan V., Saketh K., and Aman A.
  • Team 2 was the correct second place winner at 1.36 meters per second.  Congrats goes to Nirathi C., Sahana M., Lasya Y.
  • A speed of 1.32 meters per second earned team 12 third place.  Allison L, Zachary L., and Albert P. did well.
  • Out in front at 22 feet earned teams 9 and 13 won FIRST PLACE.  Komal K., Aidan Q., Rushil G. were team 9, while Allison, Zachary and Albert placed again.  
  • Nipping at their heels was teams 2 and 17 with 21 feet and second place.  Nirathi, Sahana, and Lasya made team go, and team 17 was powered by Mohit C., Keerthan S., and Kardam S.
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Science Club Advisors

Rachel Hilario-Pigg



Tammy Teng