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Japan Club

If you like origami, calligraphy, or want to learn more about Japan, then join us for Japan Club!  The club includes cultural activities, Japanese language lessons, a chance to host an exchange student from Japan, and an optional field trip of a lifetime to Japan through WISH International.  

Japan Club Meetings

The Japan Club meets the first Monday monthly in room E-2.  Check the calendar for updates & listen for club announcements.

Highlights from a WISH Trip to Japan

During spring break, Peterson students travel to Japan with two staff chaperones as part of a foreign exchange program with Kamimura School in Kagoshima.  It's a wonderful trip that includes tours of the Nagasaki shrines and temples, Nagasaki Bomb Museum, and the Nagasaki Peace Garden.  Students travel by bullet train to meet their host families.  During the week, students participate in class activities at Kamimura School, including calligraphy, playing language games in English and Japanese, learn about volcanoes, interacting with elementary students, and participate in a kimono ceremony.  Host families take wonderful care of everyone.  Students and teachers are treated to extracurricular experiences such as shopping, making ceramics, singing karaoke, hiking, visiting Mt. Sakurajima (active volcano), going to the volcanic sand baths and more.  

For more information about the WISH International trip to Japan, please contact Mrs. Johnson.  The WISH International trip to Japan is not a school sponsored field trip or event.

Japan Club Advisor

Lisa Johnson