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Open Enrollment and Peterson + Program

What is the Peterson + Program?

The Peterson + Program is an alternative 6th grade program that offers a unique opportunity for 6th grade students.  Currently, four teachers lead this program and provide a different approach to 6th grade curriculum.  The program is designed for the STUDENT who wants extra challenge and rigor.  

Please consider middle school choices carefully.  Characteristics of such a student includes someone who is self-driven, being an avid learner, wanting to rise to challenges and able to think critically.

The "+" aspect is in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies

  • Science is taught to all sixth grade students by teachers who hold Single Subject teaching credentials in Science.
  • Math classes for all sixth grade students will be determined by a "multiple measures matrix" placement

Students in the Peterson + Program may have extra homework.

Questions specific to the Peterson+ Program may be directed to Principal Sue Harris ( or 408-423-2801) or SCUSD Coordinator of Student Services Rob Griffin ( or 408-423-2086.

Open Enrollment and Peterson + Program 2018 - 2019

Open Enrollment Process

Santa Clara Unified continues to offer Open Enrollment, as space allows, at each of the District's middle school.  Parents may request enrollment of their student at any District school which may have space available for additional students.  Open Enrollment for the 2018 - 2019 school year is 9:00am on January 10, 2018 through 4:30pm on February 7, 2018.  Students requesting to attend a middle school other than their school of residence must submit a new application for middle school placement through the Open Enrollment process.  Information regarding Open Enrollment is available through the District website at  Please become familiar with this information and gather proof of residency before applying for Open Enrollment.

Applying for the Peterson+ Program

  • Students residing OUTSIDE of the Peterson Attendance Area
    • Students residing outside of the Peterson Middle School attendance area who wish to attend Peterson and apply for Peterson+ will apply at the same time as applying for Open Enrollment by simply checking the corresponding box on the application (online application process).  Checking the box for the Peterson + program does NOT increase your chances in the Open Enrollment lottery.
  • Students residing INSIDE the Peterson Attendance Area
    • Incoming 6th grade students residing in the Peterson attendance area who are interested in enrolling in the Peterson+ Program, must apply during the Open Enrollment window (9:00am on January 10, 2018 through 4:30pm on February 7, 2018).  Parents must complete an application with the Registrar at Peterson.  Proof of residency in Santa Clara Unified as well as the Peterson attendance area will be verified in person when completing the application.  Please bring three (3) proof of residency documents.  Contact Registrar Liz Delbecq (408-423-2806 or with questions or to make an appointment to complete the Peterson+ application.
  • Peterson+ Selection
    • Selection for the Peterson+ Program will be made once Open Enrollment results have been determined.  All who are successful in the Peterson 6th grade lottery and have expressed interest in the Peterson + Program will attend an informational parent and student meeting (Tuesday, April 3, 4:00pm - 5:00pm in the Cafeteria).  Up to 140 students, from both inside and outside the Peterson attendance area, will be assigned to the four Peterson + classes through a fair and random process.  All who apply but are not selected will be placed on a waiting list based on their lottery number and will be admitted as space becomes available.

2018 - 2019 Open Enrollment Applicant Parent Informational Meeting Dates:

  • Tuesday, January 16, 10:00am - 11:00am, Library
  • Tuesday, January 16, 5:00pm - 6:00pm, Cafeteria
  • Wednesday, January 17, 10:00am - 11:00am, Cafeteria
  • Please call our main office (408-423-2810) to make a reservation.
  • NOTE:  If you live in Peterson's attendance area, you do not need to attend an informational meeting.  These meetings are for parents determining if they will apply to Peterson through Open Enrollment.  Families of students residing in Peterson's attendance area are encouraged to attend Open House on Thursday, May 3; Principal Harris will speak directly to incoming families at 7:00pm in the cafeteria.  Incoming student and parent orientations will be held in August, 2018.


Students who plan to attend their school of residence need take no further action at this time, with the exception of residents requesting the Peterson + Program.  Your student's information will automatically be transferred to your middle school of residence.  All incoming middle school students will receive a letter in the spring of 2018, from the school of residence, confirming your student's placement and informing you of a time period in the summer when you will need to personally come to the middle school and provide continued proof of residency and register your student for fall placement.