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First Aid
Free Tdap Shots

The Tdap is required for school.

The Public Health Travel and Immunization Clinic offer FREE Tdap shots for 6th - 12th Graders.  See the flyer (English / Spanish) for more information.


Se requiere Tdap para la escuela.

La Clínica de Vacunas y Viajes de Salud Pública ofrece vacunas Tdap GRATIS para estudiantes de 6º a 12º grado. Consulte el folleto (inglés / español) para obtener más información.

Health Office

Health Office Hours

The Health Office is staffed by our Health Assistant, Mrs. Laila Maciel, from 8:30am - 2:00pm, Monday through Friday.  The Health Assistant provides first aid to ill/injured students, maintains health records, and monitors immunization status. 

The district nurse serves several schools in addition to Peterson.  Their main duties are working with students with chronic / serious medical conditions, performing health assessments, and staff education / training.  They are at Peterson once or twice a week.


If a student needs to take any medication (prescription or over-the-counter) during school hours, the parent/guardian must bring the medication to the Health Office in the original container, with a written order completed and signed by the doctor and parent/guardian.  Students are not allowed to transport medications.

Blank forms are available in the Health Office.  Medications will be kept locked and dispensed as ordered.  A Permit to Carry Medication (a second form) needs to be completed and on file if a student is to carry an inhaler, Epi-Pen, or insulin supplies.  Medication permits must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.

PE Modification Form - If Your Child is injured

If your student sustains an injury that temporarily limits his/her physical ability, s/he may continue to participate in Physical Education class through modified activity.  Please have the doctor provide a note indicating what specific activities your child may do, OR have the doctor complete and sign the form linked in RESOURCES box to the right.  Your child should then give the form to the Health Office.


If your student needs to leave campus because of an illness or injury or emergency, the health or attendance office will contact one of the adults listed on the student's emergency card.  You must have an emergency card on file in the Health Office.  Addresses, phone numbers and contact information must be current, and should contain as many contact numbers as possible in case of serious illness or emergency.

Students are not to contact parents/guardians from classroms - if your student is not feeling well, please advise them to inform their teacher who will have them report to the Health Office.  Thank you!

Cafeteria Meal Accommodation

Children with allergies (it must be a medically diagnosed allergy or disability not an intolerance) must have a Doctor's note verifying the allergy before we may offer any modifications to cafeteria food.  Please see the Meal Accommodation Form in the Resources box to the right.  Parents/guardians must return the form to Child Nutrition Services.  Questions?  Call 408-423-2166.

Health Office Staff
  Laila Maciel (408) 423-2819 Health Assistant
7th Grade Immunization Requirement

immunization clip

To enter 7th grade, it is mandated by law to have a Tdap (whooping cough) and two (2) Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccinations.  An immunization record showing the date your child received the vaccine, a signature, and a stamp of the doctor or clinic that provided the vaccine. 

If we do not receive this documentation before the first day of 7th grade, your child will not receive a class schedule to start the 7th grade.

Contact the Health Office for more information about immunization requirements.