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Ms. Clark
Ms. Clark and her boyfriend visiting Reno, NV!

Use the Green Sheet button above to view the green sheets for CC7 math and reading, view materials lists, and Peterson Personal Best Attributes.

Online Literacy Textbook

To use the online literacy textbook please click here to be taken to the website!

Rachel Clark

Welcome to Peterson!

         I am so excited to be joining the Peterson 6th grade team this year! I have taught 1st, 5th, and 6th grade in the past, and I am thrilled to get to know my new Peterson 6th graders this year!!! This year will be a fun and exciting but also challenging. Students go from having 1 teacher to having 3-4 and that has a HUGE impact on students. DO NOT BE AFRAID!!! All students get adjusted to the change at different times. I am looking forward to helping not only my students, but you as parents, transition into this amazing new journey of middle school. 



Ms. Rachel Clark

Online Math Textbook

Student Instructions
1. Visit
2. Click New to Big Ideas Math?
3. Enter your access code and click Next.

  • Period 1 Code: 


  • Period 2 Code: 


4. Fill out the required information and click Next.
5. Write down your username and click Next.

Online Math Tools

Khan Academy: This can be accessed through any Google account.  This tool has videos on how to do all different types of math, and has a personal element where you can track your understanding and growth. 


Illuminations: This website has games, lessons, and activities that are standard and concept based.


Virtual Nerds: This website has helpful video tutorials for all levels of middle school math.


These sites are great for:

  1. Doing additional practice/games on the topics we have done after you have completed your homework
  2. Doing practice/games on topics that you need review on
  3. Exploring different aspects of math and enjoy all that it has to offer