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Late Fees and Fines:

The library will take off all book fines and late fees when school returns. In the meantime, if would help us if you could renew your books on your account using the catalog button above. You can do this by going to the login at the top, go to checkouts and renew your books. Otherwise, enjoy some extra time reading using Sora or eBooks online from the public library. 

Distance learning & Resources

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Library Hours

7:30 - 3:15 Regular Days 

7:30 - 1:45 Early Release Days

Library Staff
Contact Nicolette Bakker  Nicolette Bakker (408) 423-2840 Teacher-Librarian
Contact Coleman Lutke  Coleman Lutke ex: 2840 Library Media Assistant

The Peterson library offers students and teachers FREE eBooks or audiobooks on Sora. You can find the Sora app on the flying blue cloud but-ton on this page. Sign in with Google and then pair it with your public library card to access even more books. There will never be fines and books are automatically returned in 3 weeks. Use any of your devices to listen/read your books on a cell phone, iPad, Kindle, desktop or laptop.