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Mrs. Robbins
Science Department Chair
Sabrina Robbins (408) 423-2940 Science Teacher
Science Staff
Rachel Hilario Pigg (408) 423-2948 ex: 2948 6th Grade Science Teacher
Kimberly Hunter ex: 2938 8th Grade Science
Melissa Miguel-Felipe (408) 423-2844 ex: 2844 Resource Teacher
Gregory Namba (408) 423-2941 ex: 2941 7th Grade Science Teacher
Sabrina Robbins (408) 423-2940 Science Teacher
Ildiko Stennis (408) 423-2942 ex: 2942 Science Teacher
Tammy Teng (408) 423-2949 Science Teacher


Science Teachers

As we implement the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core, we focus on inquiry and research to investigate topics and to analyze, integrate, and present information. Students, district wide, will use the same format to present inquiry based lessons that include a Claim supported by Evidence and summarized with a Reason. Students learn through exploration. They demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and proficiency through learning activities and performance tasks. 


Our goal is to build life-long learners who understand the interdependence of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math on society and human impact on Earth Systems.